Curtain Call is the sixth studio album released by reclusive singer/songwriter Ian Kippax Matthews on Mixmasters label since Exposed Roots first surfaced in 2007.

This double album collection of 14 original songs was recorded primarily live to tape in three intense days in November 2020 but was not able to be completed until a year later due to Covid travel restrictions.

The continuing involvement of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Parkinson and percussionist BJ Barker combined with Matthews’ earthy, rustic vocals and piano, guitar and harmonica playing, produces a rich, unique, creative musical chemistry.

With the soulful Jenny Bradfield(Burton) and The Red Dirt Choir singing back up, the impressive addition of Cello and Upright Bass; with award winning SA engineer, producer and recording maestro Mick Wordley at the helm, this is a serious collection of songs with expansive reach.

Curtain Call is an engaging and outstanding addition to what is now a recognized, established and substantial body of organic alt/roots music.

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Sample Audio Tracks

Track 2 "The Weight" (Sample Audio)

Track 5 "The Road" (Sample Audio)

Track 7 "We Could" (Sample Audio)