Ian Kippax Matthews is a unique and enduring Australian singer/songwriter and writer

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Curtain Call

Curtain Call is the sixth studio album released by reclusive singer/songwriter Ian Kippax Matthews on Mixmasters label since Exposed Roots first surfaced in 2007.

This double album collection of 14 original songs was recorded primarily live to tape in three intense days in November 2020 but was not able to be completed until a year later due to Covid travel restrictions.

“It’s absolutely soulful and stunning………… SR”

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Fallen Leaves

Sometimes, less can be more when it comes to production. And in the case of Ian Kippax Matthews’ Fallen Leaves, it is a lot more. The Australian singer/songwriter certainly does not overproduce on this record. He favours a rootsy rugged…

Street Hymns

One wholesome serving of Australian Roots music...Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine. A vocal chameleon to be sure… These vocal shifts are not impersonation, either.  They’re almost imperceptible changes of depth and delivery that work so perfectly for each song its mind…


..essentially live to tape….the result is a nourishingly rich and raw sway through Matthews’ singing and lyrics set to rolling rhythms and ringing guitar and piano……Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine ... ORSTRAYLYAN I like this quite a bit. With The Yearlings…

Ian Kippax Matthews is a singer/songwriter who is well worth getting to know………

Alex HendersonMusic reviewer Philadelphia