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One wholesome serving of Australian Roots music…Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine.

A vocal chameleon to be sure…

These vocal shifts are not impersonation, either.  They’re almost imperceptible changes of depth and delivery that work so perfectly for each song its mind blowing.

Not only is Street Hymns a solid hit with a slide or two of excitement, not only is it scrappy and celebratory of every human emotion, but it’s also nuanced.  It’s not just the action of the ball field, but the grass, the smell, the sound of the ball against a bat, a ball into a glove. Ian Kippax Matthews has revealed a world of his own, reminiscent of a different era, a simpler, more genuine time. It’s one of those ‘everything’ albums that you can get lost inside and put on repeat for days so you never really have to come out. I still haven’t.  This is, from all angles, a gorgeous smash hit.

Reviewed by Alice Neiley….New York

Rating:  5 stars out of 5. 

……is a consistently absorbing example of his more introspective side and contains some of his best writing.   Ian Kippax Matthews is a singer/songwriter who is well worth getting to know.

Review by Alex Henderson   3.5 stars (out of 5)